Nancy Liu Chin is a nationally known speaker and demonstrator.  Nancy delights in doing hands on floral workshops, demonstrating new floral technique as well as trends that are adaptable for various floral styles.   Whether it is a day of making bouquets, head crowns, boutonnieres, and detail work or creating over the top tablescapes and vignettes, Nancy has a wealth of information to share.  

Having spoken at The Special Event Conference, Wedding 360 (TAFPD), Chapel Designers, and numerous garden clubs, Nancy has always enjoyed meeting other wedding professionals as she knows how important it is to stay on top of what is current.   With a degree from University of California-Berkeley in Business Administration with an emphasis on Finance and Marketing and her work experience as a retail merchant and planner for bebe, Macy's and Gap, Nancy sees and understands marketing and business strategy that makes her very special floral instructor as she knows many of the professionals also have concrete marketing and business concerns. 

We are excited to introduce that Nancy is now available for custom workshops nationally and  internationally.  

Photography by Kevin Chin

Photography by Kevin Chin

Each of these Master Workshops can be tailored for your audience so it can be 1 to more days.  Each day will be filled with hands on work, demonstrations, discussions on techniques,  business tips, and critiques ( which you don't often find in a workshop) all while Nancy inspires you with her "war" stories.  If your group is interested in more business tips, we can tailor that into the workshops so that you leave with insights that you can bring back to your business.  Nancy is a strong believer in business efficiency and she would be more than happy to add to any workshop some of the up to date processes that she finds helpful to any small business.

Why attend a NLC Workshop?

  • With few floral school options, it's wonderful to be able to learn from a true master designer  
  • To keep our designs innovate, get inspired with new ideas
  • Work on team projects that stretch your imagination
  • Learn from critiques so that you can better your designs
  • Hear business insights have helped Nancy succeed and apply real tips to your growing business
  • No book or video can teach as effectively as working face to face, receive personal attention
The Belltown Workshop for Greater Seattle Floral Association Photography by Kevin Chin

The Belltown Workshop for Greater Seattle Floral Association Photography by Kevin Chin

How does this work?

Pick dates that work for your group.  Work together and find a location that can house this workshop in your community.  Work with Nancy to come up with what you want to learn or have Nancy create a workshop based on her Signature designs or design trends.

Attendee at Belltown Workshop. Photography by Kevin Chin

Attendee at Belltown Workshop. Photography by Kevin Chin

Nancy (and her team*) will fly and travel to your community so that you don't have to leave your business behind.  No need to find lodging or pay for costly airline tickets. All that you would have spent for travel and lodging, you can spend on the workshop.  Let Nancy(and her team*) come to you.  If you want your workshop professionally photographed, we can help partner with photographers so that your work can be photographed.  Do you need a new headshot? Let Nancy's team help arrange that, too.  

To invite Nancy Liu Chin to your town for a workshop, please contact us at to create a Master Workshop that is tailored to you.  Find out what you need to invest to have a Master Workshop near you.  

*Each Workshop will include NLC.  Additional team can be requested.