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Vendor Crushes | Sugar Bee Sweets

Wedding Cakes and Flowers are perfect partners.   Those tiers of fondant covered cakes accented with dainty ruffles or dots with creative artisanal edge work make for an ideal vehicle to show off flowers with are equally beautiful subjects.  Flowers with their own petals, watercolor hues, soft edges are great on cakes though I like those that are made by cake designers as I prefer sugar over real flowers.  Call me a little OCD but I just don't know trust that real flowers are cleaned properly and if they happen to attract little "insects" on a hot day, well you know, that's just gross. Plus, so many flowers are poisonous if ingested so I say go with the flowers made by bakers.   Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to the real art which are these Sugar Bee Sweets wedding cakes.  And they are so pretty, wouldn't you say?

These by Dallas baker Sugar Bee Sweets are some of my favorite cakes with flowers.  Whether they accent a watercolor cake or become the topper, these beauties make me happy.  And yes, I want to grab a slice of chocolate cake from my local bakery right now.  

Which one is your favorite?  Is it #1 with the aqua color?  #2 with the cafe au lait dahlias balanced on the tiers or could #3 with those perfect hand made sugar flowers the right one for you.  Or do you which for a bright green ruffled concoction?