nude peach

Art of the Pin | Wood You Marry Me?

It's summer time but I'm already dreaming about the end of summer and the arrival of Autumn when the leaves turn brown, the weather of cools down and the sunsets are the best ever --- all orange, peach, taupe and streaks of grey-blues.   During hot Napa summers where the weather becomes in the high 80's, low 90's, I can't wait for when the weather cools down and I can seek refuge under a cashmere throw.  Nothing like a good book(here's a side bar --- I'm reading Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asian trilogy right now)  on a cozy night and a hot cup of cocoa or hot apple cider.  

Perhaps it's all this talk of cozy fireplaces, cashmere throws that is inspiring me to think of medium oak wood tones mixed with taupes, grey roses, nudes, fall greens, taupes, trench coat beiges and leather tans.  I take inspiration from tweed jackets, Heath stone ceramics, Italian stone urns perfect for voluptuous and lush blush flowers, dark brown chocolate stones, bounded leather, relaxed wood chandeliers, beige-taupe hued wedding gowns and volumes of ruffles.  Who doesn't like a good ruffle, right?  

With the fall season coming up, what are you looking forward to?