Newsworthy | Insights from Nancy: Avoid Burnout, Learn to Play

A few years ago, I was burning out.   Those who are close to me know that I battled it hard.  The mundane, day to day choices and duties were sending me spiraling into despair.  Whether it was god's intervention or merely a wake up call in the form of a horrific bicycle accident in July of 2010,  my physicians forced me to be on bed rest.  The goal was for me to recoup so that my injuries would heal but it was also a chance for my brain to shut down and in truth, it allowed me to slowly reset and to learn gratefulness.

The days of rest restored my body.  Hard to believe, it actually helped me get through my burnout as I finally realized that my mindset - negative at times --- was drowning me and that changing it was key to raising above the burnout mode.  If you are suffering from burnout, there isn't always a straightforward fix but reevaluating how you process your negative thoughts(aka mindset) is vital. 

Photography by Kevin Chin  China by West Elm

In 2014 I took a wonderful class(thank you Mary Phan), turned off the ringer to my work phone for two full days, and just played.  Played.

To play

Verb 1. engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.  synonyms:amuse oneself, entertain oneself, enjoy oneself, have fun; 

Now three years later, I've never felt more excited about the work that I do.  I love styling. I love wedding florals. I love event design.  Doing the things that bring joy, now that's all one can ask for. 

Ask yourself this.  What do you enjoy when it comes to your business?  For me, it could be working side by side with clients and planners, getting to do challenging new floral work,  playing with florals as well as styling beautiful things each week.  Did I mention playing?  Yes, the act of engaging in activity for just pure enjoyment rather than with a serious purpose is a funny thing.  When you do something joyful and really love it, that joy transcends and next thing you know --- it makes your own craft even better.