Press | Interview on Trish Lee Blog

When I first Patricia "Trish" Lee, I knew that one day she was going to be a force to be reckoned with.  Her timeless, classic, gowns with a modern twist for that hipster bride has taken the Bay Area by storm.  Her success is due to her knack for creating elegant gowns but also her sharp wit, warm personality, and her exuberant passion for all things bespoke.   Plus, she's a lot of fun.   No matter where she goes, in my heart, Trish will always be known as "P" girl to me.  

A few fun fact a bouts P girl --- that you might not know ---- Trish was once my event coordinator at Nancy Liu Chin Designs, fielding client inquiries and managing our busy office in Dogpatch.  During her short time with us, we often had heart to heart conversations always sharing about our dreams, our hopes, our love for weddings and of course, our mutual adoration for food.  It was wonderful this past year to sit down and have a little chat about flowers with Trish.    Thank you P girl for always being the best menthe one could have.