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Art of the Pin | Deep Teal Moods

What am I yearning for right now?  I'm dreaming up Deep Teal mixed with sea foam, dolphin grey-blue tints, mauve, deep berries, lavender, pomegranate, crisp vanilla, brass hues all mixed together in an old classic meets modern edges.  Details that I'm crazy about include deep walnut woods, comfortable almost Victorian velvet sofas, artful gilded cakes like that of those created by San Francisco cake maker Jasmine Rae, modern accent plates from Casa de Perrin, the richness of Hellebores, and a thick teal stripy sandal from Love Culture.  Can't you see the richness of this palette in a dark mood barn or wine cave in Napa? I can! 

Newsworthy | What's Your Style Part II

In a previous post, I spoke about floral styles.  We talked about the 4 different styles that are the prevailing floral styles that you see in the majority of weddings.  To reiterate, these are the four styles

structured + architectural + minimalism 

lush garden style

formal traditional 

relaxed + organic + rustic + natural 


We covered Structured + Minimalism in a previous post so I thought I would cover the second Floral style today.  What is lush garden style?  I would describe garden style as romantic with beautiful lush garden style flowers.  Flowers that evoke this style could include the following  garden roses, roses, spray roses, dahlias, peonies, poppies, anemones, astilbe, ruffled tulips, sweet peas, lisianthus, hellebores, viburnum, lilac, spirea, hyacinth, scabiosa, stock, larkspur, wax flower, and so many more.  Within garden you will find lots of layers, movement, textural elements.  There is movement with in and out airiness in the design.  Some may be more tailored but the trend is more bountiful and filled with natural elements.   You will see elements like  garlands incorporated in the design.   I wouldn't be surprised if the vessels were ceramic urns or silver compotes.   And don't count out the use of wonderful green foliage and even some flower branches.  

Venue | Viansa Winery Photography | Jen Phillips

This is merely one example of garden style.  Of course there are many variations.  Let's talk a look at garden style expressed in a different way.  Shall we?

Venue | Ramekins Canopy | Encore Event Rentals Photography | Kevin Chin

This wonderful look with pastel hues which was created at the Oh So Inspired retreat at Ramekins is another example of garden style.   The image of the wonderful long table with wisteria hanging over is the quintessential definition of garden.  Recreating the feel of sitting outside on a veranda sipping lavender lemonade was the inspiration for this design.   It's relaxing, soothing, full of what you would imagine what it would be like to have a wedding under a garden of flowers.  Am I right?

Not all of us will agree on where a wedding will fall as many have two styles incorporated but I certainly hope these examples help you to determine if this style suits you.  After all that's the important thing to answer.  Does this style evoke what you are looking for?    Look for Part 3 of What's Your Style in the week to come. 

Newsworthy | What's Your Style Part I

I've been reading the latest wedding planning book by Mindy Weiss and in her floral section she pinpoints that there are mainly four different style of florals.  


structured + architectural + minimalism 

lush garden style

formal traditional 

relaxed + organic + rustic + natural 

I imagine that she is right though some weddings are more eclectic and possibly a blend of multiple styles.    

Simple structured style can be grand and formal as in the work of Jeff Leatham(far left image below).  But it can be as easy breeze is floating gardenia in a big white low bowl.   Within the lush garden style you can go in the path of a more English garden look while another direction could be more neoclassical which is the style du jour(think Sarah Winward).  One of my favorite style as it often looks like a gathering of things from a walk through garden park(see second image from the left) A garden style can be traditional and work for a formal wedding as well as informal.  It's all how you mix the container within the space.  

Most importantly, within each style there are variations so the formal traditional can be romantic, it can classic, it can be neoclassical, it can be metropolitan grand style of Preston Bailey as seen below(third image from the left).  Often reserved for indoor hall, ballroom spaces, and could include formal tented weddings.  Rustic and natural is so popular and you can see it often in the work of barn and outdoor informal weddings.  Most of the time, use of jars, wood containers, fall fruits(like the far right image courtesy of Martha Stewart Wedding website), Tuscany urns evoke that feeling of relaxed and organic. 

Credit: Jeff Leathan, Sarah Winward, Preston Bailey, Martha Stewart Wedding ( from left to right)

Most weddings are most likely one of these four styles if not a combination of two differing styles to create a mixed look.  Let's just see some more examples on how we interrupt these four styles.  Perhaps in doing so, it will help brides and planners to pinpoint the style that most describes their clients overall feel.    Today's let's look at what structured simplicity can look like. 

Photo by Jessica Burke  | Planning by Jamie of A Savvy Event | Venue Four Season Santa Barbara

How to's | Make an Inspiration Board

Decor is what brings your wedding to life, encompassing all the visual elements that pertain to the event - down to the plates your guests will eat from.

                                                                                                       Quote by Mindy Weiss

Many might not agree, but I strongly believe that the visual decor impacts the wedding and gives your wedding not only a uniqueness but creates the feelings that you want your guests to recall about your special day.  

But how to begin?

Some of us don't have the luxury to hire a professional stylist, wedding planner or event designer who can easily read our mind and extract the information needed to create a unique and beautiful event that is exactly what we imagine in our heads.   For many of us,  it's hard to put in writing, in words ---  what we want.   

For wedding professionals, even the experienced one's are not mind readers (though I often try to be and fail more times than succeed).  How many times do potential clients describe their event as timeless? What does it really mean when a client says natural?    Words that seem easy to convey are often hard to translate visually.   After all, what does simple and elegant look like?    What does it mean when a bride says beautiful, understated, but different?  Different from what? 


My response is that a cohesive inspiration board that conveys visually the style, the feel, the intricate details, the mood, the bountifulness of the flowers is the best tool to bring to a professional or to use as your own roadmap toward creating your dream wedding.  Sidebar: A board often may be divergent in colors, style, theme, rhythm and feel so it's important to examine the visuals and edit and weed out those that don't convey what you want.  

Here are two inspiration boards that I created to help take our clients ideas and give them life.  We also used bold descriptors to convey what elements are needed to create that mood. Hope these examples give you the inspiration to create your own boards that simplify your ideas and focuses you on what needs to be done to create that absolutely terrific and fabulous event.