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Real Weddings | The Palace Hotel Goes Pretty in Pink

This early spring wedding in San Francisco has it all. From a stunning dramatic wedding gown to a fresh natural bouquet to a escort sign for the ages to a grand multi tier wedding cake by Pretty Please Bakeshop. All planned flawlessly by Kaella Lynn Events with Lynette Boyle behind the lens capturing photographs that are ever so timeless. Here is Palace Hotel Goes Pretty in Pink.

Real Weddings | B R Cohn goes Rustic Elegant

There are countless weddings that I will always treasure but this one will remain one of my all time favorite because of the wonderful couple Joanna and Chris who made the process of wedding planning so smooth and enjoyable. Of course what makes a couple so wonderful to work with starts with trust. I don’t often get a client who doesn’t need to meet with me because they put their trust in their planner who hand picked their team.

Through their planner Michelle Chen Miyairi, all the flowers were planned via emails and phone calls. (Talk about incredible! ) It helps that Michelle and I go way back. She came out of retirement to plan this wedding so I knew it took a special client for Michelle to agree to it.

Prior to this wedding, Michelle and I were quite familiar with each other’s design style as well as work style…especially when I also was the floral designer for her sister’s wedding. Because of the experiences that we had, we started the wedding design built on trust and respect. In this business you need that to create a flawless wedding.

Such ease was created because Michelle (with the couple’s okay) had also picked some of the best vendors that I have worked with as well. They include Jasmine Lee as the photographer, Aimee Lam as the Hair and Makeup artist. Cooking and catering was Jessica Laskey who has become one of my go to recommendations for catering. B R Cohn, the venue, is also managed by Victoria Campbell who I knew from Oh So Inspired’s workshops where she was our venue go to person. Victoria, of course, greeted my team and I with warmth and made us feel like working at B R Cohn was a home away from home.

Teamwork happens when you love the vendors you work with.

Finishing out the team was videographer Kevin Chin who I am married to. This was a solid team of experienced vendors who combined have 1000s of weddings under their belts so no wind, on cloudy and overcast weather would dampen the brightness of this couple and their wedding guests.

Real Weddings | Vintage Julia Morgan Ballroom

I know that blush and creams are very classic color palettes. I also know that ballroom weddings aren’t as popular as they use to be when I first started in this business. But there is something so timeless, elegant when classic hues meet ballroom sophistication. Meet Julia Morgan Ballroom Goes Class featured on Style Me Pretty with photography by One Love Photography and planning by a favorite planner of mine, the incredible Julie Briggs Dunn of JBD Events. She is one of those planners that remains under the radar but in high demand. Strategically sound, wonderful to work with, teamplayer, quiet but effective, charming with clients. Julie is the epitome of a wedding planner that puts substance and logistics over pretty and style. That doesn’t mean her weddings are beautiful or elegant or styled, it just means that she has forgotten that a wedding planner is foremost a PLANNER!

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Real Weddings | Best of V. Sattui Napa Winery Wedding

My advise to couples on how to relieve the stress level when it comes to planning a wedding is to hire the best vendors you can at the budget you can afford. Find vendors who have a range of skillsets that include good listening abilities, a history of tackling challenges(don’t be afraid to ask), the creative experience to advise you on how to get the most of your venue, the reputation of being a team player, and of course a passion for their art for without it you won’t have someone who truly craves, loves, and are willing to go the extra mile. Once you find that vendor, give them great words, thoughtful and realistic imagery, communicate your hopes, and trust them to make the best decisions for you.


I found that dream couple with Kristine and Nick. Both are kind hearted, thoughtful, caring, warm, and generous. Any issues they had, they sent me direct questions and they took any answer to heart, always giving me enough room to make decisions and allowing me to utilize my creativity. It was a wonderful collaboration and I felt that Kristine the bride was always listening to my suggestions while Nick was just darn funny and calm which put me at ease. What more can a wedding floral designer ask for? And even more important, they said they loved flowers and that makes me excited because when a couple likes flowers, you know that you can throw in your magic touch and shop without constraint. Here is their lovely wedding which included one of my favorite new designs - decorating a path or staircase.

Photography by Coco Tran

Venue V Sattui Winery, Napa