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Press | Interview on Trish Lee Blog

When I first Patricia "Trish" Lee, I knew that one day she was going to be a force to be reckoned with.  Her timeless, classic, gowns with a modern twist for that hipster bride has taken the Bay Area by storm.  Her success is due to her knack for creating elegant gowns but also her sharp wit, warm personality, and her exuberant passion for all things bespoke.   Plus, she's a lot of fun.   No matter where she goes, in my heart, Trish will always be known as "P" girl to me.  

A few fun fact a bouts P girl --- that you might not know ---- Trish was once my event coordinator at Nancy Liu Chin Designs, fielding client inquiries and managing our busy office in Dogpatch.  During her short time with us, we often had heart to heart conversations always sharing about our dreams, our hopes, our love for weddings and of course, our mutual adoration for food.  It was wonderful this past year to sit down and have a little chat about flowers with Trish.    Thank you P girl for always being the best menthe one could have. 

Vendor Crushes | Sugar Bee Sweets

Wedding Cakes and Flowers are perfect partners.   Those tiers of fondant covered cakes accented with dainty ruffles or dots with creative artisanal edge work make for an ideal vehicle to show off flowers with are equally beautiful subjects.  Flowers with their own petals, watercolor hues, soft edges are great on cakes though I like those that are made by cake designers as I prefer sugar over real flowers.  Call me a little OCD but I just don't know trust that real flowers are cleaned properly and if they happen to attract little "insects" on a hot day, well you know, that's just gross. Plus, so many flowers are poisonous if ingested so I say go with the flowers made by bakers.   Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to the real art which are these Sugar Bee Sweets wedding cakes.  And they are so pretty, wouldn't you say?

These by Dallas baker Sugar Bee Sweets are some of my favorite cakes with flowers.  Whether they accent a watercolor cake or become the topper, these beauties make me happy.  And yes, I want to grab a slice of chocolate cake from my local bakery right now.  

Which one is your favorite?  Is it #1 with the aqua color?  #2 with the cafe au lait dahlias balanced on the tiers or could #3 with those perfect hand made sugar flowers the right one for you.  Or do you which for a bright green ruffled concoction? 

Vendor Crushes | Theoni Collection

What am I crazy about right now? It's not a thing.  It's not a flower.  It's my adoration for Betsy Stone and her company Theoni Collection.  First of all, I love people who are creative.  So when I saw their mobile showroom the other day, it totally just blew me away.  It's so one of kind.  And I love how creatively courageous it was to do something so innovate yet so simple in theory.  Why not have a showroom on wheels.  Brilliant idea.  But it's not just the brilliance of it but the execution of something that sets a company a part from others.  Which leads me to my second reason for why I'm so crushing on Theoni Collection right now.   

I love people who are passionate and who go overboard with their passion to be amazing.  Betsy and her husband Herb who have founded Sisters Rentals, Bella Linens, and La Tavola Linens are no strangers to the Bay Area's event rental scene.  But one thing that I adore is that with each company they have opened they know the phrase --- "do it right".  They do it So Right.  And Betsy does it to perfection.  Her ability to create something and to pick products so relevant, so interesting, so needed makes her and Herb people that I crush on. But they go out of their way to not only have wonderful products but create an amazing experience from their website to their showroom to their details. It's so RIGHT! 

Visit Theoni to see their collection of chairs, china, tabletops, flatware and accessories for your next event.