Love of Flowers | Peonies

It's May so it's the perfect time to talk Peonies.  They range from white, creamy almost with a hint of butter, yellow, blush, soft pink, coral, medium bubble gum pink, deeper pink, magenta, red, dark burgundy. You will find 

SINGLE petal peonies are composed of a single row of broad and wide petals which surrounds a large center of "pollen-bearing" stamens and see-bearing carpels.

Types of peonies that are Single peonies include 'Athena', 'Dad', 'Krinkled White(pictured on the right)', 'Scarlet O’Hara;,

Another variety are the JAPANESE-type blooms where you see the doubling of the petals has begun.  In this group area also Lotus or Anemone Peonies.  The filaments of the stamens have broadened and the anthers have become extremely large.

Examples: 'Nippon Beauty, 'Madame Butterfly'(pictured on the right), 'Lotus'(on the left).


SEMI-DOUBLE flowers contain filaments which have widened irregularly, making petaloids of varying widths throughout which stamens are mixed. The guard petals may or may not be clearly differentiated.

Examples: 'Paula Fay', 'Coral Charm'(pictured on the left), 'Miss America'(on the right), 'Buckeye Belle'.


The BOMB-type bloom is a large and full peony with petaloids derived from both carpels and stamens with are much broader, without any crown, but still are clearly differentiated from the guard petals. It reminds me of a large pom pom with guard petals.

Examples: 'Red Charm'(Pictured on the top row, far left), 'Raspberry Sundae', 'Monsieur Jules Elie'(top row, on the right).

The FULL DOUBLE bloom completes the process of doubling. All the stamens and carpels have developed into petals resembling the guard petals. This is a grand peonies. It's big, it's fluffy.  This is my favorite blooms. 

Examples: 'Ann Cousins'(Pictured on the left), Gardenia, Kansas, Paul M. Wild(pictured on the right), Tourangelle.