Art of the Pin | Curry Flavors

Each year I spend an awful amount of time in the sun, mostly in beach towns because I find the water, the cloudless skies, the warmth all a bit of heaven.  Typically the wedding season is hectic and there are weeks where I'm working days straight without a mental break so to refuel, I go to Cabo, Sayulita, Punta de Mita, Monterey, Chiang Mai, Danang to get away.   I dream of Santorini, Maldives, Jimbaran Bay, and Wailea.  These are places in my mind that remind me of romance and collectively, inspires me.

This vibrant board is inspired by my travels and the many sights and tastes during those travels.  Be it the water of the sea,  the sky, the color of a wonderful Margarita or a citrus iced tea.    This is me in a wedding board --- all the things that remind me of happy beach and summer places, it's the color of a tropical Lemonade, lazy daisies, yellow wildflowers blooming on the side of a road,, mustard on a hot dog bun, blue tiles in my hotel room, the peacefulness of the crisp ocean water,  the sun setting, the clarity of a swimming pool, mosaic blankets, Mexican ceramic in souvenir shops, and the twinkle of candles.

When creating your own board, look to things that have always given you joy.  Look at colors that inspire.  Look at details that remind you of love.