Art of the Pin | Lilac + Cornflower + Mauve

When April ends and May begins, the flower market in San Francisco fills up with lilac, anemones, sweet peas and delphinium. You see the lovely tulips, hyacinth, Italian ranunculus, lily of the valley, and peonies piled high in the stalls. And from the magic hues, you get inspired.  Suddenly, all I want to do is create with light pastel hues.  

So it's not a surprise that May is perfect for these soft cool pastels of mauve, lilac, cornflower blues.  You pair them with black and taupe and it becomes a modern palette.  You change it up and mix it with plum, rose gold, French blues and it's romantic.  You adjust it and go coral, rose, Skyblue, magenta and it becomes warm.  So many possibilities, it's a matter of how you use these hues.