How to's | Make an Inspiration Board

Decor is what brings your wedding to life, encompassing all the visual elements that pertain to the event - down to the plates your guests will eat from.

                                                                                                       Quote by Mindy Weiss

Many might not agree, but I strongly believe that the visual decor impacts the wedding and gives your wedding not only a uniqueness but creates the feelings that you want your guests to recall about your special day.  

But how to begin?

Some of us don't have the luxury to hire a professional stylist, wedding planner or event designer who can easily read our mind and extract the information needed to create a unique and beautiful event that is exactly what we imagine in our heads.   For many of us,  it's hard to put in writing, in words ---  what we want.   

For wedding professionals, even the experienced one's are not mind readers (though I often try to be and fail more times than succeed).  How many times do potential clients describe their event as timeless? What does it really mean when a client says natural?    Words that seem easy to convey are often hard to translate visually.   After all, what does simple and elegant look like?    What does it mean when a bride says beautiful, understated, but different?  Different from what? 


My response is that a cohesive inspiration board that conveys visually the style, the feel, the intricate details, the mood, the bountifulness of the flowers is the best tool to bring to a professional or to use as your own roadmap toward creating your dream wedding.  Sidebar: A board often may be divergent in colors, style, theme, rhythm and feel so it's important to examine the visuals and edit and weed out those that don't convey what you want.  

Here are two inspiration boards that I created to help take our clients ideas and give them life.  We also used bold descriptors to convey what elements are needed to create that mood. Hope these examples give you the inspiration to create your own boards that simplify your ideas and focuses you on what needs to be done to create that absolutely terrific and fabulous event.