Lifestyle | Babymoon in Cape Hotel

Photography | Kevin Chin

Venue | The Cape Hotel, Cabo San Lucas

In a few short months, your life as you know it is about to change forever.  A new arrival is on its way.  Your first baby is about to pop out and say "hello".  

Between all the changes happening to your body and things you have to do to get the house ready for your little munchkin, sometimes what you truly need is a moment to pause, to breath it all in, to relax before those sleepless nights arrive(and they most certainly will), and to simply --- enjoy  being " just the two of you"  before it becomes us three.    More and more couples are opting for a baby moon and like the bachelor parties, the wedding get aways and honeymoons, the baby moon is a rising trends and it's not going away.

Things to Remember on Your BabyMoon

Healthy Eating
Breathe it all in and take it easy.  Go to a place where you don't need to leave the resort.  A place where room service is a must and healthy meals are part of the hotel's makeup.    Egg white scrambles.  Organic fruits.  Gluten Free option.  Smoothies. Healthy mocktails.   Room service is great for those days when your body just needs to lie flat.  Perhaps breakfast in bed or on your terrace is just what you need.  Look for resorts that have villas that offer kitchens and terraces so that you can nest in your little space.  

Sunshine is Good for the Soul

For those looking for ideal babymoon spots, look for a place that has year round sun so should you have that spare week, you can jet there fast without worrying about rain or cold weather.  Hawaii and Mexico for those on the West coast are two ideal location that take less than 6 hours to get to but we're thinking more Cabo as its full of new resort like the Cape Hotel and perennial favorites like One and Only Palmilla.     With it's sunny-almost-all-year-round forecast, we give it huge thumbs up.   

Comfort Creatures

It's just you two but your body requires more space and honestly, some luxurious anemities would be nice.   Soft sheets with high thread count, luxurious beach canopies so that you won't burn your growing belly, beach views.   These are all things important for someone who might be going into their second half of their pregnancy. And let's not forget that sleep is essential so quiet hotels, possibly even those adult only properties might be the way to go.  Finally, a hotel with a spa.  Those prenatal massages and treatments are key. 

Two Birds, One Stone
Sometimes a baby moon is also a good time to do a pregnancy shoot.  Often at home you are trying to deal with baby registry, safeguarding the home, and just taking care of yourself that there is no time for a shoot to commemorate this special event. But while on a baby moon it's the perfect time to capture some intimate portraits.  While you are at it, if you know the sex of your baby and want to do an announcement, why not throw in a little "gender" reveal.  It's all part of making the most of your baby moon.

This vacation is your chance to escape all the things that seem to take over your life during this pregnancy.  Remember, relax, enjoy, lounge, indulge and take that time for you two to spend that much needed quality time.  This might not be your last vacation, but could be one of the last in a while for just you two so make the most of it.