Real Wedding | Lake Tahoe Shoreside Blue Hued Wedding with Charmed Event Group

One of my favorite colors for weddings is blue.  There are so many shades of blue from cobalt to royal to midnight to mint to sky.  It's really endless.  Often as a floral designer, there aren't enough blue flowers which is sad.  There's delphiniums, bella donnas, hydrangea, forget me nots(which are rare), blue thistle, grape muscari and a few nefarious ones like dyed aqua dendrobium(ouch ! that hurts just typing it) and glitter blue roses(yikes, that makes my eye twitch just thinking of it).  The options are not as bountiful as say for red flowers or pink flowers so often a magician aka the planner has to come up with some creative ways to incorporate blue into a wedding.

Planning | Charmed Event Group  Photography |  Clane Gessel

For this Lake Tahoe shoreside wedding I think Frances(I call her Franny) Liu just blew me away.  Of course, our bride, Vanessa who is a fabulous jewelry maker was just one of the most delightful brides you could imagine.   Since Vanessa is a creative, she really knew that the best way to get her vision across was to trust the experts and she did.  Oh Thank you Vanessa for believing in me and mostly in Franny, that magician.