Newsworthy | What's Your Style Part I

I've been reading the latest wedding planning book by Mindy Weiss and in her floral section she pinpoints that there are mainly four different style of florals.  


structured + architectural + minimalism 

lush garden style

formal traditional 

relaxed + organic + rustic + natural 

I imagine that she is right though some weddings are more eclectic and possibly a blend of multiple styles.    

Simple structured style can be grand and formal as in the work of Jeff Leatham(far left image below).  But it can be as easy breeze is floating gardenia in a big white low bowl.   Within the lush garden style you can go in the path of a more English garden look while another direction could be more neoclassical which is the style du jour(think Sarah Winward).  One of my favorite style as it often looks like a gathering of things from a walk through garden park(see second image from the left) A garden style can be traditional and work for a formal wedding as well as informal.  It's all how you mix the container within the space.  

Most importantly, within each style there are variations so the formal traditional can be romantic, it can classic, it can be neoclassical, it can be metropolitan grand style of Preston Bailey as seen below(third image from the left).  Often reserved for indoor hall, ballroom spaces, and could include formal tented weddings.  Rustic and natural is so popular and you can see it often in the work of barn and outdoor informal weddings.  Most of the time, use of jars, wood containers, fall fruits(like the far right image courtesy of Martha Stewart Wedding website), Tuscany urns evoke that feeling of relaxed and organic. 

Credit: Jeff Leathan, Sarah Winward, Preston Bailey, Martha Stewart Wedding ( from left to right)

Most weddings are most likely one of these four styles if not a combination of two differing styles to create a mixed look.  Let's just see some more examples on how we interrupt these four styles.  Perhaps in doing so, it will help brides and planners to pinpoint the style that most describes their clients overall feel.    Today's let's look at what structured simplicity can look like. 

Photo by Jessica Burke  | Planning by Jamie of A Savvy Event | Venue Four Season Santa Barbara